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( Facility hours vary )

Turf Rental2

Practice in our batting and pitching tunnels for baseball and softball at Athletic Edge Sports Center.  Our facility features 2 tunnels (12 feet x 70 feet) that can be raised and lowered from the ceiling as needed.  These tunnels can be equipped with portable pitching mounds, L-shaped pitching screens and hitting tees for both baseball and softball.

Tunnel A can be set up with our Iron Mike pitching machine for baseball.   This machine is rack-fed, holding up to 38 white, dimpled baseballs for the hitter.  The pitching speed ranges from 45-70 mph. Either tunnel can be set up with our Jugs softball pitching machine reaching speeds up to

60 mph. A radar gun is available upon request.

Batting/Pitching Tunnels - Featuring The Iron Mike Pitching Machine

Train for Multiple Sports in One Building All Year Round.

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Batting Tunnels
  • Space can be divided into 3 sections

  • Curtains that pull across to divide the fields

  • Each section is about 30' x 80'

  • 20-foot high ceilings

  • Up to 7,200 square feet of open field turf (approx. 80' x 90' or 26 x 30 yards)

  • Turf area is free of columns, posts or other obstructions

  • Turf area is large enough for little league or softball infield practice (60 foot base paths)

  • Turf area is fully protected with sports netting (including the ceiling)

  • Discounts are offered when reserving multiple practice days, weeks, or months

Turf Rental Available Year Round For Your Favorite Sport


Facility hours vary


Please email

to reserve time.


Total Turf Area 1 (90 x 80)

60 minutes - $120

Batting/Pitching Tunnel A (12 x 70)

(includes pitching machine)

Batting/Pitching Tunnel B (12 x 70)

Turf Area B (80 x 30)

Turf Area C (80 x 30)

Batting/Pitching Tunnels

Tunnels A or B

30 minutes - $15

60 minutes - $20

(Pricing is for each tunnel)

Turf Area 2 (80 x 60)

60 minutes - $80

Areas B or C (80 x 30)

60 minutes - $50 each area

(Pricing is for each area)

(Tunnels can be raised and lowered from ceiling.)